Welcome The Onboarding Of FOTA Metaverse’s Advisors

March 1, 2022

Stephanie Nijssen: KOL Engagement Advisor

She is skilled in social media, community management, communication, marketing and knows how to navigate the blockchain industry. Stephanie graduated with honors and a bachelor’s degree focused on communication at the NHL Hogeschool Leeuwarden – one of Europe’s top universities in this field. She has an additional degree in Gamedesign and Gamification and is a kind passionate person, who is always looking for ways to build trust and value.

Stephanie Nijssen is a Co-Founder of Stakez Capital and always working on the edge of innovation. She has a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry and is a multiple award winner within the innovative journalism space.

Viktor Larionov: Investment Advisor

Viktor Larionov is a Co-Founder and CEO at the longest-standing blockchain advisory firm Priority Token (ptoken.io) and Industry 4.0 Investment Bank (industry4ib.com) – revolutionizing the global fintech & blockchain industry. He has supported many well-known blockchain projects such as Credefi, Immunify, Guardians of Blockchain as an advisor. Viktor’s also a partner in one of the biggest Australian crypto funds – UniRock Partners.

With their extensive experience, we believe that they can help FOTA thrive and make the project one of the most welcome GameFi projects of 2022.

In addition to two talented advisors joining the Board of Advisors of FOTA Metaverse, there’s a secret advisor who will join FOTA! He will be helping us out with amazing advice, so keep your eyes peeled for his introduction in the coming weeks!

Can you guess who that person is?


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