August 26, 2022

Due to receiving the most recent allegations against our dignity and reputation, we have decided to take immediate action to defend our honor. In this case, we’ve encountered a threat from team Anypad founders and leaders to pressure us for a refund request which has yet to be processed following their terms. Upon receiving the request, FOTA considered many aspects and after careful evaluation of the request, we have decided that Anypad’s request will currently be postponed due to many false statements against us.

Below is the message we have sent to Team Anypad and will be public here with detailed proofs to state our points.

1. First and foremost, it is legally stated in the SAFT between two parties (the project and the VC) that refund is not possible under any circumstances.

a. FOTA reserves the right to reject all refund requests if any, this means under any situations, we still can say no to any requests without any responsibility because our partners are required to read and agree to all terms of agreement before signing.

Screenshot from the signed SAFT between FOTA and Anypad
Anypad’s signature in SAFT

b. We do not violate any terms and conditions, even if we change anything in the course of our action such as TGE schedule release, it is within our right to do so. Please note that we have announced the notice for TGE schedule change as soon as we could, and with compensation. That is to say we know it was such a rush to cope with the market situation but we still care for our investors.

Evidence as below, messages were sent on 15th June 2022:

c. Our smart contract is coded in an irreversible manner, not being able to change or swap or refund or cancel in anyway. So technically it is impossible to go back on the commitment we had with each other, this is the rules of blockchain and we make sure our partners know that it is what it is stated in the contract and how we operate accordingly.

2. However, out of good will, FOTA can accept the request of refund in special cases where we decide some situations can be refunded by us giving the partner cash and we either get back the wallet they have the tokens claimed or we burn them forever.

a. But this is not applied for just anybody because we only do this if in case our partner is reasonable and has a solid reason that we deem necessary for a refund.

b. Also the refund process will be on our terms because it has to be in a way that the project is not experiencing any sudden effect from the financial flow. That means time to receive the refund can vary based on our roadmap and our partner needs to respect this, otherwise the refund request can be rejected.

c. Any blackmailing actions, harmful intentions and damage done to the project under any circumstances will be treated very seriously. We will seek out lawsuit against the threats based on proof and international business regulations. We do not take threats at all costs.

d. Below is the flow of our conversation milestones for the refund request to show that:

  • we acknowledged the refund request on July 18th & 19th
  • we explained the refund will be based on our legal and finance team on August 9th
  • we note clearly in the refund notice that the time we stated in the refund process is only estimated
  • in case request is accepted, we do not confirm the refund will be sent exactly on what day
  • we have only confirmed to receive your request (we acknowledge that you want refund), but we did not confirm that we will refund
  • this means that up until this point, we have not violated any terms, conditions, or promises that we have had with our partners and in this case it is with you, team Anypad

3. We are willing to work with our partners but we need them to understand that respect is expected to be the foundation of all conversations and threats will be treated as a challenge that we will not back down from. Please understand that if any partners in anyway perform any harmful actions both directly or indirectly to the project’s well-being, we will do everything that we can to let the community and all partners to know the truth with evidence on our side.

a. We ask that you take down any false information to the community, causing the community to misunderstand and pressure us back.

b. We ask that you will be patient to work with us and figure out a reasonable way to help calm your community, because we also understand that you are under large pressure. We want to help out as well.

c. If you may do as we ask for in the points above, then we will continue to presume the evaluation of the refund request and work closely for a AMA session to let our team come to your community and help clarify the situation with you.

d. If you proceed to continue to act in a way that is disrespectful and harmful to us, we will reject the refund request permanently. Any further actions will be planned and executed by our legal department from then on.

The above message was sent directly to the Anypad team at 00:40 (UTC) on August 21st, 2022.

FOTA’s CEO message to team Anypad:

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FOTA Team.

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