The Adjustment in TGE for Seed/Strategic/Private Round

June 15, 2022

Dear our valued FOTA’s partners,

We have been together for a long journey, and FOTA has achieved so much accomplishment. You can cross-check all our achievements here!

But right now due to the very bad market situation, we already took the survey with our Partners and VCs, then come to the below solution.

πŸ”Έ Seed round: 3 months after cliff
πŸ”Έ Strategic round: 2 months after cliff
πŸ”Έ Private round: 1 month after cliff

πŸ’₯The Public Round (IDO) will stay remain with 20% TGE and Linear Vesting.

This strategy will help us to reduce the selling pressure and buy us some time to increase the utility of the Token. Moreover, we will trigger the anti-inflation mechanism to ensure the total circulation will decrease to maintain the value of our $FOTA Token. Meanwhile, we need the support and trust of truly FOTA Warriors, who have stayed beside us for the last 8 months.

Once again, we would like to say thank to our community and many programs will be introduced to increase the utility of $FOTA Token.

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