Strategic Partnership Announcement: FOTA x DEXTools x DEXT FORCE Ventures

February 28, 2022

The FOTA team is proud to announce that we have become a partner with DEXTools and DEXT FORCE Ventures.

DEXTools is a platform for real-time data analysis. Being the #1 DeFi charting tool, and the #1 site referral for Uniswap and Etherscan, it is the obvious choice for projects to reach out to potential investors on the lead up to public sale as well as after the sale.

In the last month, DEXtools has received more than 35 million unique monthly visitors/users, with 800k visitors daily. Furthermore, this platform collaborated with a number of significant partners, including 1inch, Sushiswap, Ferrum Network, 0x…

DEXT FORCE Ventures is the investment arm of, It helps projects from the incubation stage to public listing and beyond. The venture has incubated more than 30 projects and has over 14 million monthly users exposure.


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