September 23, 2022

Time: 20:00 on Sept 20, 2022 (UTC+7)

1/ 08:00-4:30
News of FOTA
3 main parts
1- The publisher team’s most thorough & clear answers to community feedback for the ongoing 7-day maintenance information
2- Updated Project Roadmap with some upcoming strategies
3- Meet & Great – Minigame for FOTA fans

2/ 4:30-10:30
Introducing the salient features of the project

CTO: FOTA is well received from all over the world. Of course, with that reception, FOTA also wants to make the product better and better. Through player feedback, the last update has brought many new features to the game: PvP, free to play mode, beginner box, UI/UX update, longing for mobile ver on IOS/Android, with the support of BNB chain, the speed and gas fee will also be much improved

3/ 10:30-17:00
Answer about the decision to maintain the game for 7 days

CTO: With the system that the team is building and operating, an error occurred during operation => the team discovered and along with the improvement features included in the plan, during the process of fixing bugs as well as upgrading system, the team decided to stop the game within 7 days so that it would not affect on chains data (technical problems). In addition, FOTA also has a process of quality control, the quality management team must test and approve these upgrades to be published on the product environment. The team will try to fix similar things in the future.

4/ 17:00-20:00
Shutdown server & claim

After receiving positive feedback and contributions from the community as well as partners, and especially from Binance, more specifically the BNB Chain team, to help the project develop long-term as well as receive recognition. With the best support, we have been and will continuously improve product quality.
With FOTA, transparency and clarity in the storage of user data is our top priority. The update process requires data synchronization between the old and new version, so in order for the update and change process to take place completely, we have carried out maintenance until the update process takes place. out complete.

5/ 20:00-:22:45
NFT Lease Mode

The rental period will be frozen until the date of reopening the system to ensure the interests of both tenants and lessors

Project liquidity

We have also received many suggestions from the community and partners, and after this update, FOTA will be the only currency for trading and exchange in our ecosystem currently. This will increase the flexibility of the FOTA token more.

7/ 26:00-:31:00
Update coming

In addition to the above improvements, we also change and fix the errors that arise during the past operation.

In addition, new features and new interfaces will also be updated, along with the preparation for the upcoming PVP modes in the next updates.

1. FOTA Season

With the desire to make FOTA a true Esport game and a GameFi product with huge investment and development criteria for the “”Game”” element, FOTA Season will be a Free to Earn game mode when allowing players to use all Set all current Heroes to participate in MMR scoring matches. Through that, players will receive rewards from the project’s MKT budget. We believe that this is an important condition to be able to help new players easily access the project as well as exploit the traditional MOBA game market that has grown strongly in the past 10 years.

2. Duel
Heroes who have reached a high level through the PVE experience will be used in challenge matches directly from Challenger mode. Through it, players can receive exclusive Heroes and attractive rewards, matches can include asset challenge between opponents and transaction fees incurred in this mode will be burned in its entirety.

3. The Championship
In order to bring FOTA closer and also create an environment for professional FOTAers, we offer a mode for online and offline tournaments every quarter with attractive rewards to find the champion of each Month. , Quarter, and Year

8/ 32:00-40:00
Roadmap & upcoming route

Quarter 4 :
1. Update features and modes: PVP, Free to Play…
2. Open for sale Newbie Boxes
3. Update UI/UX
4. Mobile Version
5.Organize eSports tournaments
6. Brand collaboration
7. Cross to the sidechain of BNBchain to greatly improve speed and gas fees.
Video battle:

9/ 41:00-46:00
Message to FOTA lovers

As for the technical team, we would like to thank all players and partners for trusting, supporting and contributing suggestions to us to improve FOTA more and more perfect during the past time.

10/ 46:50-49:00
Can Fota change the claim condition from 3 heroes to 1 hero?

We have noted this suggestion and we will remove this condition after the new version upgrade event.

11/ 49:30-54:30
When will you take care of the price of the token? Launching the game with no promotion or marketing, investors/traders will leave before your product is complete.

Whenever a project is established, the development team always chooses a separate plan with its own business philosophy, and they will definitely focus on promoting the strongest intrinsic values ​​and so do we. The business philosophy is to use product quality to retain users instead of choosing other development methods including attracting users with a sudden price increase in a short time, we do not want Users to come to us. projects for the price and then they will also leave for the price, we want the product and the token value to develop together, the product that brings real entertainment and what we care most about right now is to develop perfect products every day to attract a large number of outside gamers.

12/ 55:00-56:00
Can they claim reward as 7 days bundle because of the 7 days update?

We have also looked into this issue and believe this will result in a longer maintenance time than expected, so we regret that players will have to claim their rewards on a daily basis in the following days as the maintenance process is complete. positive change, wait

13/ 57:00-01:00:10
What happens if we keep playing the game, what does it mean to ensure the safety of the account value?

This could cause sync disruptions for that account during the update process, so we don’t expect that to be the case

14/ 01:00:10-1:03:45
Could we change buy back token mechanism to protect FOTA price?

We have a quarterly NFT buyback mechanism, which is taken from the Treasury. FOTA’s goal is to focus on product value to create value in use, experience and investment. For FOTA, the token price is adjusted according to the market mechanism.

The updates and changes in this batch are intended to increase the flexibility of the FOTA Token; help the project’s liquidity better.

15/ 1:02:00-1:04:00
What technology is FOTA using ? Did the devs use DEV , QAS and
PRD system? 7 days to make an update in a PRD system ? I guess
the Solution architect did not made a good job planning the FOTA landscape.

You can see the version used in the past 1 month is the beta on the mainnet, the research on user behavior and available data has helped us and our strategic partners to review to make appropriate adjustments. to help the project’s product and economy be well-developed and long-distance.

16/ 1:02:00-1:04:00
I mean no offense to any team members. Just trying to understand what is going on and why it take so long. As I am an investor and I still believe in the project.

As explained a few minutes ago, because the data we store on the Blockchain network, also known as on-chain data, the data synchronization process will take longer than the usual way, so , the update process will take longer.

FOTA Team.

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