February 6, 2023

💌 FOTA Community, Greetings!

We are humbled by the overwhelming support from our fans since the launch of FOTA – Fight of the Ages. But we acknowledge the challenges in expanding the gameplay, community features, and game features.

🔥 So, we are thrilled to announce the launch of FOTA 2 in the FOTAverse

🔥 Built as a Real-Time Tactics Esport for Web3 Gaming, our goal is to establish FOTA 2 as a premier Esports league.

🔰With a completely revamped interface, gameplay, user experience, and return on investment calculation, FOTA 2 offers a unique and unparalleled experience. While the storyline from the original FOTA will carry over, FOTA 2 boasts numerous new and improved features such as:

✔️An incredibly addictive FOTA 2 Season system (PVP), where players from all over the world gather to engage in brutal, fierce, and thrilling battles.

✔️A rich PVE system, featuring countless dungeons and Bosses of varying difficulty levels, waiting to be explored and conquered.

✔️Exciting Duel Battles with a “Healthy Wager” mode, offering rewards up to 90% for the victor.

✔️A golden investment opportunity with a return on investment rate of 300%.

✔️The use of the FOTA token, which increases its value for players.

❤️ We appreciate your patience as we finalize all the details and address any questions you may have.

Best regards ❤️

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