October 5, 2022

๐Ÿ’ฅ FOTA’s NEW ROADMAP: Better Future for Better Profit

Greetings! Everyone,

๐Ÿ’Ÿ We just wanted to give you an update on what we have been working on since our latest update V1.0.1.

๐Ÿ’Ÿ We hope you have been enjoying FOTA as much as we have, and we want you to know we are aiming to make things even better.

๐Ÿ”ฅ Over the past couple weeks, we have heard a lot of feedback from players all over the world and we have a roadmap to address some of your most supportive reviews!

๐Ÿ”ฅ There are many more interesting updates that we will bring to you: more Free to Earn modes, PvP, eSports Tournaments, mobile version, and so on. We are addressing all these emphasized areas through a series of updates of Q4.2022.

1. New features – New Modes:

1.1. Submission

  • A feature that improves usersโ€™ gaming experience and expands the playtime
  • The new Mission system has 5 submissions on each main Mission: To complete 1 main Mission, now players must pass 5 sub-missions consecutively

1.2. Demo room (Training room):

  • A practice mode that allows players to use every weapon, and Hero, to see what works best for them before a match
  • The mode consists of two alternatives: Formation Training & Battle Training 

1.3. .Real-time PvP: FOTA Season

  • A competitive mode for all users that meet the requirements to participate in order to receive rewards. The game mode increases interactions and actions between players as there are many chances to compete against each other.
  • Solo mode: A squad with 3 Heroes that are maxed out at level 25 and fully equipped with items. 
  • Player join battles via FOTAโ€™s matchmaking system
  • Winners will earn MMR points to rank up, the defeated player will have MMR points deducted.
  • When winning at a higher rank, the player gets more Aether’s Shard (Shard) – Shard can be used to spin valuable rewards such as FOTA tokens, Heroes, Items…

1.4. The Championship:

  • A special competition that includes all online and offline Championship events, taking place within a certain amount of time
  • Open to all players who meet the requirements for battle participation to receive many rewards

1.5. Duel Battle:

  • An earning feature that allows players to bet the amount they want which can start at  FOTA.
  • Winners receive 90% of the bet while the rest will be distributed to the Treasury for the Burning mechanism – in addition, there will be additional rewards of the game.

2. Update UI/UX

  • Update the entire interface of news.fota.io news site, FOTA guide wiki docs.fota.io, new marketplace interface
  • Update the game UI in the PVE interface so that users can track the Rewards, Energy, etc. more easily 
  • Attract more traditional gamers through free-to-play modes. FOTA team will also allow players to sign up without connecting their wallets from the beginning. Therefore players can enjoy the game first and be rewarded, the wallet connection process will take place when players want to claim their tokens.

3. eSports Tournaments (Arena Season Battle)

  • An event organized with the aim of creating a real arena for admirable players to compete and receive amazing rewards. 
  • There will be many prizes and trophies as well as titles for players after the tournament.

4. Mobile Version

  • Develop a version of FOTA on mobile. Players can easily download FOTA on Apple Store and Google Play, allowing them to experience and earn FOTA anytime, anywhere.

5. Brand collaboration

  • Collaborate with major brands to launch NFT collections to cooperate in in-game events and marketing – PR publications…

6. Release new Heroes and Items

7. Gas fees optimization

  • Switch to Sidechain of BNB chain to help players increase transaction speed and reduce gas fees in the most optimal way

8.  Launch Crafting Feature

Thank you!

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