June 11, 2022


Greetings FOTA’s wonderful community,

FOTA has come back with good news just only for you. We are proud to be the biggest project to join the MetaCon 2022 in Dubai – a global contention that mixes pop and metaverse altogether. At MetaCon, FOTA offered visitors a chance to experience our MR Technology by enjoying the gameplay via Hololens from Microsoft, the feedback was positive and FOTA received more and more recognition worldwide. We also had several discussions, even formed partnerships with renowned organizations, companies and investors in the field of blockchain.

FOTA is certain to take the world by surprise and we look forward to joining more global conventions for amazing experiences like this.

πŸ‘‰ You can watch here:

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Disclaimer: As FOTA is a metaverse-inspired gaming project which partly integrates with Microsoft Hololens; our developers build an exclusive version of the game on Microsoft Mesh, a collaboration and communications platform developed by Microsoft. Therefore, we are honored to introduce Microsoft’s finest technologies and products with their logo via our media messages under various formats.