April 27, 2022

🔥 We are happy to announce that the $FOTA IDO will be launched on GAGARIN in the third week of May 2022.

GAGARIN is a place where new and exciting ideas come to life. Each project will be evaluated by GAGARIN experts and finalized. Not only does GAGARIN hold IDOs, but it also conducts technical expertise of projects, finalizes them, promotes them using marketing tools, provides projects with their own community of users and supports them by providing follow-up support after the IDO if necessary. The launch of the platform takes place on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, but in the future startups will be able to place their tokens for IDO on other blockchains.

✨ In the coming days, we will be continuously updating platforms for IDO event! A more detailed announcement will be informed later. Don’t forget to follow all of our social channels for the latest news!
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