FOTA Heroes’ Ultimate Skills: Tigris – The King of The Jungle

May 8, 2022

⚜️ Race: Beast

⚜️ Class: Warrior


Tigris is a courageous chieftain of the Creek – an indigenous tribe that once ruled over the Darkest Jungle of the Nightmare. Despite becoming a leader at a very young age, Tigris/ strength and intelligence were second to none. Tigris inherited knowledge, bravery as well as combat skills from his grandfather and father. They taught him about the peace and unity the Nightmare once had. That was only the case before the arrival of the fallen Omnis, later known as the Demons. When exploiting the dark power of the Darkness, they used their psychic powers to manipulate and make the Beast – which were born from darkness extremely insane and bloodthirsty. Now the only way out is that Tigris has to find ways to unite with The Human on The Earth to repel the evil forces or his tribe will perish from this land.

When it comes to his skillset, Tigris shows expertise in combat and peak in overall strength. In battles, Tigris showcases three main skills

🔸 1st skill: The Roarss

With his power, Tigris roars then restores HP for one ally.

🔸 2nd skill: The Pride

Tigris becomes fury and enhances himself by dealing damage equal to the HP he has lost, when HP is restored, his rage comes down then the ability disappears.

🔸 3rd skill (Ultimate): End Zone

His hunting instinct takes over, Tigris lunges towards his target enemy and both lose 50% of their HP.

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