FOTA Heroes’ Ultimate Skills: Eira – The White Hunter

May 3, 2022

⚜️ Race: Human

⚜️ Class: Hunter

“My arrows have no mercy, It will bury itself into you, your heart! ”

Eira is the heiress of the noble family from the far North – Kide. As courage and pride ran through her veins, Eira learned to fight with different kinds of weaponry. Eira’s life was filled with joy and the love from her father, Brian Kide. Until one day, Lord Kide was slain by an assassin, which turned her life upside down. Eira had to flee for her own sake. She came across the Inuit, and learned to master the use of bows and ice powers. With her iron will, Eira vowed that in her next return with the Inuits and Hilda, she would reclaim North Castle and her ice arrows will pierce the hearts of the wicked in order to bring justice to the Kide and avenge her family.

When it comes to her skillset, Eira has the ability to control ice and to show expertise in archery. In battles, Eira showcases three main skills:

🔸 1st skill: Frozen Arrow

Eira casts the power of ice on her arrow,  then shoots Frozen Arrow at the target enemy which deals damage and freezes them for a certain amount of time.

🔸 2nd skill: Blessing Magic

Eira focuses her energy, and then uses her intrinsic power to restore MP for each ally.

🔸 3rd skill (Ultimate): Triple Shot

Eira summons the most powerful form of ice powers, creates 3 Ice Arrows and shoots them straight at the enemies. This Ultimate Move deals AOE damage.

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