FOTA Heroes’ Ultimate Skills: Cyril – The Fallen God

May 12, 2022

Cyril – the brutal tyrant of The Nightmare – has absorbed dark energy and become the Demon Lord. He was once an Omni, the most powerful being with god-like powers and abilities. After being banished by his own race, Cyril has sworn to extinguish Greenland and destroys whoever stands in his way. 

⚜️ Race: Demon

⚜️ Class: Assassin

Cyril’s Skillset: 

🔸 1st skill: Pact Of Evil 

Passive: After each combat, CYRIL powers himself and enhances his damage.

🔸 2nd skill: The Evil’s Order

Passive: CYRIL has a certain percentage to protect himself from being targeted by enemies’ abilities.

🔸 3rd skill (Ultimate): The Annihilation

Active: CYRIL focuses his dark energy, summons the Annihilation Skull and releases it towards the enemies, dealing 300% of damage on all enemies.

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