FOTA Heroes’ Ultimate Skills: Aprum – The Skull Crusher

May 9, 2022

⚜️ Race: Beast

⚜️ Class: Warrior


Aprum was among the finest warriors of Orson. Posessing super strength, extraordinary endurance, as well as his absolute loyalty to Orson; Aprum was the one that spread fear all over the battlefield. To Aprum, all he needed was to kill, no matter what his targets looked like, as long as the killing was from Orson’s orders. Aprum had never shown remorse in taking the lives of his opponents; and all of them ended up with the same scenario – being smashed to death. Hence Aprum earned the title: The Skull Crusher. With the mace in his hand and great enthusiasm in his heart, Aprum rushed into battle and slaughtered anyone who dared to stand in his way.

When it comes to his skillset, Aprum shows absolute brutality and strength as his bloodthirst is unstoppable. In battles, Aprum showcases three main skills:

🔸 1st skill: Crushing

Active: Aprum fiercely tumbles toward the target enemy, stunning him and dealing damage. 

🔸 2nd skill: Mace of Parry

Aprum absorbs and deals back damage suffered as true damage to the enemy. 

🔸 3rd skill (Ultimate): Invincibility

When skill is activated, Armor and HP increased by 30% and 30% each, making Aprum immortal.

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