FOTA – Data On Chain

June 9, 2022

This is a very broad definition for everything called on-chain, so it’s essential to use this post to provide an overview. Moreover, when a project uses on-chain (terminal data stored on the blockchain), analyzing more advantages is required:

 - Create a real "Game Blockchain" structure rather than "a game with Blockchain elements".

Game Blockchain: is all terminal data stored on the Chain, transparent and safe for user data. Transactions that change or update data are saved on the blockchain through transaction confirmation from the user’s key.

Game with Blockchain elements: is a game with data stored on the Server or Cloud (like a traditional game); and integrates the deposit port and Withdraw Token function into the game; and any data changed or updated is not processed by Blockchain, but processed by the developers on their infrastructure. Therefore, the safety of data depends on the security ability of the developers.

 - Create a system to automatically process transactions from Deposit, Pay, Claim functions without many errors and without much support/ intervention from the developers in terms of technical operations.
- Create a foundation of crypto assets (NFTs) owned by users to be able to cross NFT across other ecosystems (Metaverse) of the project.

On-chain Data helps NFTs store inherent properties of game items or characters such as strength stats, unique traits to make NFT assets valuable in terms of rarity.
(NFTs used in non on-chain games only save the ID number for the Server to identify, not the original properties of the item)

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