Congratulations On FOTA Partnership with Top VCs From Indonesia

February 28, 2022

We are honored to announce that the top VCs from Indonesia including The codes, Dreamboat Capital, Kenzo Ventures, CuanB Capital, SIG, and Alpha Investment have onboarded with FOTA – Fight Of The Ages!

The codes

The codes are professional contributors and node operators for blockchain-related projects. Starting from individual contributors to now having the best team. Have participated in more than 10+ incentivized testnets of various blockchain projects from 2018 to today.| Website | Telegram | Twitter |

Dreamboat Capital

Experience in the cryptocurrency industry since 2014, Dreamboat Capital is a Blockchain Venture company that connects good projects to the community or cryptocurrency investors in Indonesia.| Website | Telegram | Twitter |

Kenzo Ventures

Kenzo Ventures Focusing on developing early-stage projects with good potential and benefiting their investors, with Kenzo Ventures all investors will no longer feel and worry about the demand for fees that are too high, they are there to prosper investors and support projects to the next level| Website | Telegram | Twitter |

CuanB Capital

CuanB Capital is a Leading in incubating early stage blockchain and cryptocurrency projects in Indonesia. Collectively, they are responsible for more than 1M active cryptocurrency investors and traders.| Website | Twitter |


Sers’ Investment Group is a group of active investors who have all come together to embrace and seize investment opportunities within the crypto space. The group comprises highly specialized individuals (coming from a background of top world universities as well as blue-chip companies), high net-worth capital investors, Token and NFT admins, and marketing channels, operators.| Website | Telegram | Twitter |

Alpha Investment

AIG is an investment group that focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, led by a team of experienced individuals who have been successful in the sector since 2016. The group was founded with a vision of democratizing access to international| Website | Telegram | Twitter |


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