November 18, 2022

Dear FOTA community, 

After 1 year, FOTA has received a lot of love and companionship from our players. During this time, we have received a lot of feedback from the community as well as released updates to keep up with the changes and trends of the GameFi market.

FOTA started off with a long-term strategy, and we have determined to keep the project as a high-quality game product for the blockchain game community. Therefore, we have made changes to the Core Team personnel to further develop the “gaming” element, to make FOTA more attractive, more popular, and have a larger player base. In this new Core Team personnel structure, we have invited one of the leading experts in the field of game production and publishing.

The new FOTA Core Team is as follows:

☑️ CEO/CPO: Mr. Binh Nguyen 

  • CoFounder at Meta Djinn
  • Principal Engineer at KIXEYE STUDIO under Still Front.
  • Technical Consulting Architect at VNG Corporation.
  • COO at truongton.net, which is among the Top 2 websites with the strongest community-building and game-publishing between 2011 to 2016, just after Zingme.

☑️ Mr. Duc Trinh 

  • CoFounder at Meta Djinn
  • Investment Advisor at Hobbit Venture Investment
  • Chairman at D.lion Media and Solutions

☑️ CTO: Mr. Ryan Nguyen 

  • Senior Security Specialist at Microsoft APAC
  • Senior Security Expert at Vodafone Corporation
  • One of the 200 most talented engineers globally under the Microsoft Aspire Program
  • The only Vietnamese among the total of 3 people from Microsoft APAC to win the global “Technology Solutions Excellence Awards 2020”
  • In 2020 and 2021, both were speakers at Microsoft events in the region to orient attendees about Microsoft technologies.
  • Awarded the Accessibility in Action 2020 Certificate
  • Certified as the Community Time Zone Lead of the 2018’s Microsoft Worldwide Communities program, recognized for their demonstration of leadership skills by their support of the community in their Time zone.

☑️ CGO: Mr. Victor Luong

  • Over 13 years of experience in the game industry in both game production and publishing.
  • Publishing Director at SohaGame. Also the product manager with the largest player base and the highest grossing product at SohaGame.
  • Publishing Director at GateGame.io
  • Co-Founder at MetaTap Vietnam

☑️ Marketing Manager: Ms. Hana Pham

  • 10 years of experience in Marketing
  • Marketing Research at JOY Entertainment (Game Studio)
  • Marketing Specialist for VTV application – Entertainment (Dotmark Connect – ADT Group Holding)
  • Marketing Manager at SohaGame (Game publisher)

We believe that, with this change, FOTA will make breakthrough innovations and become a top-notch GameFi project in the blockchain industry.

With such responsibility and enthusiasm of the team, the FOTA project is still undergoing various positive changes. We hope that our community will strengthen their trust and support in such a bearish market, because FOTA can only overcome these challenges with the accumulated effort from everyone, not just from our team alone.

🌟 Let’s look forward to FOTA’s upcoming updates in the near future!

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